Pre-production in Madagascar involves meticulous planning and coordination, often navigating unique challenges of the island nation’s geography, infrastructure, and cultural nuances. Production teams typically engage in location scouting to capture Madagascar’s stunning landscapes, ranging from lush rainforests to pristine beaches, while also considering logistical aspects such as transportation and accommodation. Collaboration with local experts and authorities is essential to navigate legal requirements and cultural sensitivities. Additionally, sourcing equipment and talent may require innovative solutions due to limited resources. Overall, successful pre-production in Madagascar requires adaptability, creativity, and a deep understanding of the country’s diverse terrain and culture.


We understand the challenges you face in making frequent trips for film scouting due to your busy shooting schedule and the significant travel expenses involved. Film scouting plays a crucial role in pre-production, encompassing the detailed search and assessment of potential filming locations to align with the story’s requirements. Our thorough process involves identifying sites that align with the director’s creative vision while considering various practical aspects such as aesthetics, logistical feasibility, and budgetary considerations.

Our goal is to meticulously evaluate each location for its suitability, taking into account factors like accessibility, amenities, and the need for permits or clearances. By carefully examining these elements, we aim to streamline the location selection process and optimize resources, thereby supporting the seamless execution of your project. We recognize the importance of minimizing disruptions to your schedule and budget, and our efforts in scouting are focused on delivering options that meet your production needs efficiently and effectively.

scouting locations around madagascar is our speciality and any location you want we will scout and share with you a report. film fixers madagascar
Casting services


Seeking local talent for your film? Look no further—we’ve got you covered, from lead actors and actresses to extras. We collaborate closely with all the major local casting agencies nationwide, ensuring we find the perfect fit for your production.

Casting is a crucial element in the filmmaking process, involving the selection of performers for each role. We partner with casting directors and agencies to identify the right talent through auditions or talent searches. Our objective is to deliver exceptional candidates based on your specific requirements and project vision while also negotiating favorable deals for our clients. A well-cast film not only enhances storytelling but also immerses the audience in the narrative—that’s our ultimate aim. If you’re in need of talented individuals to bring your script to life, rely on us to assemble a cast that enriches your project and captivates viewers. Let us handle the casting details so you can focus on realizing your cinematic vision. Get in touch today to explore how we can contribute to making your film a success.


To film in Madagascar, it’s essential to obtain the appropriate permissions. Securing a filming permit involves submitting a formal written request with the assistance of a local fixer, then diligently following up for approval. Our role is to streamline this process for you, ensuring that everything is prepared and approved by the time you’re ready to travel and shoot. By collaborating with us, you can expedite the permit process and focus on your filming objectives. We facilitate the permitting procedure, working alongside your local fixer to navigate any bureaucratic hurdles. Entrusting us with this task allows you to concentrate on the creative aspects of your project while we handle the logistical details. Together, we’ll coordinate the necessary documentation and liaise with the relevant authorities to obtain the filming permit efficiently. Partner with us to facilitate the permit acquisition process. Our goal is to simplify the administrative steps, providing you with peace of mind as you prepare to film in Madagascar.

filming permits
fixer services in madagascar


Through a collaborative partnership with you, we aim to transform your creative vision into a well-structured production timeline, accompanied by detailed cost breakdowns. Our approach commences with a comprehensive evaluation of your project and script. This initial analysis enables us to define the scope of your production needs and determine optimal strategies that align with your budget. Our objective is to ensure that every aspect of your production and budgetary considerations are accounted for from the beginning. We prioritize transparent communication and financial clarity throughout the process, providing you with a clear understanding of the progress and financial standing of your project at all times. Our commitment to transparency means you can confidently navigate the production journey knowing exactly where your project stands financially. Through this collaborative process, we empower you to make informed decisions and realize your creative ambitions efficiently and effectively.

Local Equipment Hire

We offer an extensive selection of filming equipment sourced from various rental houses across the country. While Madagascar may not have the absolute latest equipment available for local hire, we do provide a comprehensive range of essential gear such as 4k cameras, lenses, tripods, grips, lighting, monitors, sound equipment, and accessories. Our skilled team specializes in coordinating equipment from multiple sources to fulfill your shoot’s requirements.

For larger productions requiring specialized or unavailable equipment, we have established connections with major production houses in neighboring countries like South Africa. This allows us to procure specific gear and have it brought to Madagascar, saving you the logistical challenge of transporting bulky equipment from your home country. Additionally, we handle all gear insurance to relieve you of any liability concerns.

Simply provide us with a list of required equipment, and our team will promptly commence sourcing each item to ensure your needs are met efficiently. We are committed to facilitating a seamless filming experience by offering comprehensive equipment solutions tailored to your project’s demands.

Local equipment hire


Madagascar is under the carnet system so this makes coming in with gear an easy and straight forward process. Work on the carnet before you come through. We have local clearing agents that we work with and have experience of working with foreign crew to clear the gear when it gets here. This will save you amounts of time that you would rather spend in customs doing the varifictation and creating the customs bond, working with us ensures that this whole process is handled prior.


A visa is necessary for everyone traveling to Madagascar. The Ministry of Information, Culture, and Communication of Madagascar must grant permission for visiting film crews. Entry visas are available upon arrival, but if you’d want to avoid waiting in line, you can get a visa ahead of time at the closest embassy of Madagascar in your country. Contact us for any visa help and application.


Madagascar has a strict law on importing and use of drones be it for recreation or commercial. We help with arranging permits and securiing filming permissions for the drone. You need a fixer like us who understands how the laws of the country works.

Ensure compliance with Madagascar’s aviation authorities and seek guidance from local experts, such as Film Fixers Madagascar, who can assist with permits, logistics, and navigating cultural considerations. With proper planning and local support, filming with a drone in Madagascar promises to deliver extraordinary aerial perspectives that showcase the island’s natural beauty and cultural richness.

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